All-round intel transport business covers the import & export.
Integrated Logistics
Good service of packing, storage, delivery, furniture assembly...
Air transport
Multi air line from & to CHINA here waiting for you.
Other business
One-stop international trade agency of export & import.
Beijing E-flying International Logistics Co. Ltd, Your Full Service Logistics Solutions Provider in China, and around the world!
Its existence has been ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China, and it was registered as an enterprise with the Beijing Municipal Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce.
The company ranks as a first-class agent for international freight transport. Its all-round international transport business covers the import and export of goods of all categories. It has mutual agency relations with numerous freight transport companies in the United States , Japan , Europe and Southeast Asia , thus forming a world wide agency network.
Regarding humans as the basic factor, it gives every member of its staff the opportunity to exercise his or her talent. It has a corps of workers who are well versed and proficient in international trade and the flow of goods and possess a deep theoretical knowledge as well as rich experience. Utilizing the service system it has established at the Beijing airport and Tianjin seaport, and relying on various port companies and a global agency network, it provides accurate, speedy, safe and effective first-rate service by means of a self-developed software operation system to customers both at home and abroad.
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